The Interest and Strategy of the Syrian Kurds in the Post-Syrian Uprising 2011

Executive Director of InMind Institute Yon Machmudi, Ph.D. with Nadia Sarah Azani and Mulawarman Hannase wrote about Kurds in Syiria after 2011 Syirian Uprising. This paper was published by Universitas Indonesia (UI) as proceeding on International Conference on Strategic and Global Studies 2018 and accessible at

This research focused on the Kurdish people as one of the actors who have an interest in the Syrian political turmoil. In this study, Doug McAdams’ social movement theory and the Communalism theories of Murray Bookchin, Robert Melson, and Howard Wolpe are utilized as the framework to analyze the interests and strategies of Kurdish groups in Syria. This research uses a qualitative method, specifically the descriptive-analytical, and the obtained data comes from primary and secondary sources. The results of this study is the interests of the Syrian Kurds that is to establish an autonomous government in Syria in the form of a federation and based on the democratic values that can support the Kurds’ rights in Syria. The strategy pursued by Kurdish Syrian groups, especially from The Democratic Union Party (PYD), is to take advantage of the condition of Syrian political instability by declaring an autonomous government in Rojava.

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