Islamic Cultural Center Jakarta: A Unique Type of Iranian Public Diplomacy

Executive Director of InMind Institute Yon Machmudi, Ph.D. with Mohamad Rezky Utama and Muhamad Syauqillah wrote about Islamic Cultural Center Jakarta, a Shiite and Iranian mosque in Indonesia. This paper was published by Universitas Indonesia (UI) as proceeding on International Conference on Strategic and Global Studies 2018 and accessible at

Researches about relations between public diplomacy and Shiism are undoubtedly low in numbers, compared to many other researches about diplomacy, particularly in its correlation with religion. The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of sovereign states that exercise faith public diplomacy. In Indonesia, they have opened the Islamic Cultural Center as their form of public diplomacy aimed to Indonesian public. The cultural diplomacy theory, with faith diplomacy and new public-diplomacy concept are applicable in examining this type of diplomacy. As the result of a careful observation, in-depth interview with snowball sampling method, literature reviews and theory-based analysis, some findings of this research are: the organisational structure of ICC is directly under the Office of Supreme Leader of Iran (or commonly known as the office of Vilayat-e Faqih) in accordance with Iranian Constitution; Twelver Shiism is related with ICC through its facilities, Shiite educational activities, and religious festivities; in spite of its structural position, ICC function as the facilitator between Iran–with its Shiisim–and Indonesian diverse society, and particularly Indonesian Shia Community. This research is a Qualitative Research.

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