Saudi Arabia’s Internal Changes and Its Foreign Policies in Responding the Arab Spring

Executive Director of InMind Institute Yon Machmudi, Ph.D. wrote this research paper which published by Universitas Indonesia (UI) on 2020 in International Review of Humanities Studies journal and accessible at

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the Middle East’s internal political problems for instance by supporting the Egyptian government under As-Sisi after the military coup against president Morsi and covertly supporting opposition groups can be understood as an attempt to prevent the Arab Springs from inducing political changes. Attempts were made to prevent outside influences from getting into Saudi Arabia by supporting new regimes friendly to the Saudis. In addition, Saudi Arabia has implemented many reforms to reduce the demand for political participation. The methods used were historical and qualitative research. The results show that Saudi Arabia was intentionally involved in the internal affairs of its neighboring countries and implemented internal reforms to prevent any effects of the Arab Springs in Saudi Arabia.

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